Writing a Book – Where to Begin

My advice to anyone wanting to write their first book is to start a blog. If you’re new to writing, the early stages of getting your material written can be frustrating. Developing a regular habit of writing is the most common obstacle. Blogging can make the process less painful. If you can get yourself in the habit of posting regular messages on a blog for a year, you will accomplish a couple of important objectives:

First—blogging will get you in the habit of writing regularly, which in itself is a major victory. Most people who want to write books never write them because they never develop a regular habit of writing. Blogging can give you the motivation you need to write regularly.

Second—blogging puts your writing in front of an audience that will give you feedback. Writers must hone their writing skills. One way to become a better writer is to let readers tell you what they like and don’t like about your material. If you respond to criticism by making changes that improve your writing style, you will become a better writer.

Third—when you post messages on a blog, you’re creating an audience of readers who will likely buy your book once it is written. You do the writing and let search engines bring interested people to your blog. After you’ve written a dozen messages or so on a particular topic, you may find that they can easily be converted to the chapters of your first book.

For those who need help starting a blog, I’ve written a comprehensive article explaining step-by-step how to get started. Click this link for that message:


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